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Hey there! I'm Craig Rowe, host of "People with a Passion". A video podcast. As I gear up for Season 3, I am reaching out to individuals who are making a significant impact through their work—researchers, industry leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to solving real-world problems and serving others on a global scale. I offer a platform for industry leaders to share their passion and purpose with my global audience. As a Queensland University journalism graduate and former award-winning community radio show host, I have a curious mindset. My podcast features long-form, conversational interviews (up to 2 hours), allowing for deep dives into topics in a more organic and less curated manner than most other mediums. The goal: to provide my audience with valuable insights and practical advice that can truly make a difference in their lives. The show is crowd-funded, you may make a financial contribution below. PwaP is available worldwide on YouTube and all major podcast aggregators.

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